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:)~ Anne'Xed Network (formerly Anne's Cyberniche) now has its own domain... Please adjust your links if necessary!~(:

Anne'Xed Network has been actively online since 1995 (it's former address was under the pseudonym Anne's Cyberniche).  At that time, no software existed to help "make web pages" and each page had to be painstakingly typed in HTML by hand, character by character.  It started and continues to be a hodge podge of online findings and journeys.  Over the years, these pages have grown, won awards, and it has been redesigned, reorganized and remodeled.  It's entirely scalable so any size monitor or screen can view the contents without a bottom scrollbar.  The navigation images on the left hand side (and the text links up top) are connected to the main arenas of Anne'Xed Network.  Click on any of the following numbers for a description of each section...