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She rose to her feet.

"Don't go, Kira!"

"Andrei, I don't understand!"

He stood facing her. His voice was flat, harsh as an insult: "I didn't want you to understand. I didn't want you to know. But if you want to hear it-- you'll hear it.   I never wanted to see you again.  Because..." His voice was like a dull whip. "Because I love you."

Her hands fell limply against the wall behind her. He went on: "Don't say it.   I know what you're going to say. I've said it to myself again and again and again. I know every word. But it's useless. I know I should be ashamed, and I am, but it's useless. I know that you liked me, and trusted me, because we were friends. It was beautiful and rare, and you have every right to despise me."

She stood pressed to the wall, not moving.

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