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August Heat

Butch’s ending:

As James sat quietly at the table, he wondered how death would come. Midnight was approaching, and his anxiety grew as time passed. The storm outside was directly overhead, and thunder roared from the sky. Lightning flashed, and James shivered even though the air was humid and hot. His stomach churned as he thought about death. As a bolt of lightning struck, James shook with fright and accidentally knocked over the wobbly table. This startled him so much that he fell backwards, breaking glass from a window behind him. Catching himself on the windowsill, he struggled to pick himself up. The glass had cut his hand, and a gush of red blood streamed out of his wrist. As he lay weak on the floor, James cried out for help.

At this point the stonecutter, Charles, heard the commotion and stopped his work. Rushing to James’s aid, Charles unbuttoned his shirt and quickly tied it around James’s bleeding wrist. Blood soaked through the shirt at once, and both men were a bloody mess. Suddenly James fell limp, and Charles put more pressure on the cut to stop the bleeding. Wasting no time, Charles slung James over his shoulder and carried him to his closest neighbor’s house. However, no one appeared to be home. He then rushed out into the horrifying storm again and headed down the road toward the center of town.

As Charles Atkinson carried James into town, people gazed from their windows in horror: What had happened? Why were they both covered in blood? One passerby guided them to a doctor’s house, but it was too late. Charles dropped from exhaustion, and James was dead.

People began to accuse Charles Atkinson of killing James Withencroft. Everyone began to look at Charles with suspicious eyes. Charles was brought to trial for the murder of James Clarence Withencroft.

People began to shout,"Look at him. He must be guilty!" With all the shouting, Charles could not defend himself; people would not listen to his story. Whereas he should have been recognized as a hero and good Samaritan, he was instead sentenced to death by hanging.