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The Gradation of Socks
Author: Unknown

Red socks, blue socks,
white socks, black socks.

Some socks are high, up to the knee,
Some socks are low and hard to see.

Some socks are heavy and worn by large men,
Some socks are for ladies, proper and thin.

Some socks are worn by big football players,
They ride high, with stripes, and match their wearers.

Some socks are made in America, with quality and care.
Some socks are made by 10 year old Cubans, whose own feet are bare.

Socks come in every size, shape and form.
You never know where they will be walked on or worn.

The Teletubbie in my closet wears socks up to his thigh,
I never could get mine to go up quite so high.

Then there's my girlfriend, who wears no-sock socks - spring, summer,
winter and fall.
But when it gets cold outside, they don't keep her feet warm at all.

I get my socks, fresh from Wal-Mart.
I pay $1.99 for a six pack, so I am smart.

Socks have been around since castle doors have been locking,
to keep out marauders, and keep safe your women, your gold and your stocking.

Socks make good ice skates, on waxed hard wood floors,
You can slide into tables, cabinets, and doors.

They have argyle socks and wool socks,
silk socks and school socks.

Socks to dress up, socks to dress down;
all types of socks to dress all around.

Nanny from the Muppet show had green and white stripes,
Oh, just think of all the weird and wonderful types.

Socks are for people of all shapes and sizes,
short ones, fat ones, and even high-risers.

Black ones and white ones, Russian and Persian,
from Peking to Chile, to Ohio and Burma.

Socks are what people wear,
people here and people everywhere.

So, next time there is war and they call for peace talks
Mediators should show-up with smiles and their socks.

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