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North Going Zaxen - further problems
Author: Miles O'Neal 1995

Ignoring the biological issues, which researcher Dominus
has handled quite well, there are unexplored metaphysical
possibilities regarding where Zax come from and go.

First of all, to truly be a North-or-South-going Zax, it
must always be going, and in the proper direction. SO
perhaps the Zax simply never arrives. Asymtotically,
they could simply approach but never arrive. [I will not
here consider the possibility that Zax actually meander,
like layabout cousins who constantly phone along the a
menadering path threatening to show up for a visit, but
thankfully never quite managing to arrive.]

However, this brings to mind event horizons, which suggests
the possibility of "Zax Holes". If, as is postulated with
black hole/white pairs, there were then an equivalent Xaz Hole,
the Zax would approach the appropriate pole, fall into the
Zax Hole, and instantaneously (or close enough as makes no
nevermind) pop out at the appropriate Xaz Hole, still moving
in the appropriate direction. In this case, I forsee the
discovery of the North Zax Hole and the South Xaz Hole revolving
about each other at the North Pole, and the South Zax Hole and
the North Xaz Hole revolving about each other at the South Pole.

If this is the case, perhaps the Zax are fully self-sustaining,
in which case a lifetime of celibacy, regardless of its impact
upon the Zax personality (it has yet to be proven that Zax,
for instance, have hormones) would not necessarily affect the
Zax population.

The North-going Zax
Approaches the Pole,
Accelerating, falls
Into the Zax Hole!
Before he can blink,
He pops out the Xaz Hole,
Decelerates fast,
And leaves the South Pole.

His brother-in-law,
At the other Extreme,
Does a similar thing,
Causing Nature to beam
At her own symmetry
Midst the Ice and the Snow
(Which we don't eat if green
For that's where the Zax go).

Of course, inevitably some Zaxen must be lost to extreme
wear and tear, whether by natural causes (tornados, rust,
polar bears, discomboobulation, thermal overexcitement at
the polar approach) or unnatural causes (mugging, car-jackings,
repossessions, forfeiture, congressional hearings, putsches,
overexposure to John Denver, Spam).

However, there is no reason to believe that such a being so
obviously from another dimension should require procreational
capabilities along the lines of your average bipod. They may
just as well procreate by thought wave, pollen carrying bees,
or Government Fiat.

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