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Optical Illusions

Journey into the realm of your mind where what you initially see is not all that is there to view.  Take a moment to broaden your horizons and look beyond your first impression.

Take the tour, straight away!

The Grand Master of Optical Illusions... MC Escher!
Do you see this? ... Or do you see this?
Old Woman ... Or Young Girl?
Hint: the old woman's nose is the young girl's nose and chin.
Two Faces ... Or One?
Man Playing Horn ... Or Woman Silhouette?
A Rabbit ... Or A Duck?
Hint: the duck is looking left, the rabbit is looking right.
  Is The Book Looking Towards You ... Or Away From You?
A Face Of A Native American ... Or An Eskimo?
Woman In Vanity ... Or Skull?
Hint: move farther a bit from the screen and blink to see the skull or the woman (looking at the mirror).


That's Right!  You do see it!