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WHAT TO DO...   Y2K questions?     Landscaping quandries?  Taxes taxingStressed and in Seattle? ... View the continental USA... or see its precipitation... Send electronic postcards or virtual flowers via the virtual florist ... Create an animated greeting  or a song ... Go see a building demolition... Internet Country Codes...  Fly off to Paris, France and visit the Louvre ... or Visit the Dr. Seuss National Memorial Fund.

  Whatever your time, GMT (Greenwich Mean Time), UTC [Universal Time (Co-ordinated)] and Zulu Time (Military and Aviation Z)... do you have your time?  All of the World's Time Zones!

  This is Your Brain on the Twilight Zone.  To Jive On, click waaay down on here.

Simpsons In Pulp Fiction!

Simpsons SPGroup

Dkgreyx.gif (1033 bytes)  Animated cartoons... the New and Improved Simpsons Site (and the Original Simpsons along with This One which contains many sound files or The Simpsons.....WOOHOO!!!!!- very cool), Futurama and South Park.

  Greatest comic strips...Dilbert Dilbert Dilbert  and Bloom County Bloom Co.

Doonesbury...   Garfield...   Fox Trot

My Music Box... new additions always forthcoming.  Looking for a sound file?  Here's a great resource with easy and specific searches.

   Do you want to know when you will die?  Take the Death Test (and if you are going to live to a ripe old age, you should also take the Purity Test too)!

   Shockwave Flash sites:  Ion5 Interactive  :  Balthaser  :  Spooky and the Bandit  :  Eye4UGabocorp   :  I-Soft  :  FrogFrau  :  Mayhem   :  Stanridgway  :  Action Fighter  (a game requiring Flash4)  :   Christian  :  Flash Ahnay42  :

Dkgreyx.gif (1033 bytes)   Humorous anodynes for Today's times... The Onion®  (mature minds only).  Check out all of the Darwin Awards!  Proof that true stories are weirder than made-up stories... News Of The Weird.

Dkgreyx.gif (1033 bytes)   The oldest living Subgenius virtual church on the web... The Church of the SubGenius.

Dkgreyx.gif (1033 bytes)  Tennessee Bob's Famous French Links and FreakNation... not just for freaks!

Dkgreyx.gif (1033 bytes)  The ever-changing Looney "Tunz"... M3... the always entertaining Page of Rage... Queen Janet's Homie Page... and the wonderful world of Jason.

Dkgreyx.gif (1033 bytes)   Star Wars buffs, the fantazine... Blue Harvest    a)Science b)fiction c)drunk d)all of the above?... Mike.   Here's the bouncing baby e-zine, Snotty Bitch.

Dkgreyx.gif (1033 bytes)   Have you been yet to the ... now 'The Dark Side of The Net'?  Thousands of links to gothic connections... a truly tremendous site.

Dkgreyx.gif (1033 bytes)   Back again...  the one and only, the rude and crude, Japan's DogButt  (mature minds only).

Dkgreyx.gif (1033 bytes)   hosted by the NBA.  Download the screen saver.

Dkgreyx.gif (1033 bytes)   Check out Tomate's library of ee cummings which contains more of his writings and biography.

Dkgreyx.gif (1033 bytes)    The beginning of the search for USA Govermental information.

Important Links for Discerning Researchers

NOAA Space Environment Center
Current NEXRAD Radar Images
Solar Terrestrial Activity Report
Recent Earthquakes in California and Nevada
World List and Interactive Map of Earthquakes
Live Internet Seismic Server
Global Geostationary Weather Satellite Imagery
The United States Naval Observatory
El Niño/La Niña Southern Oscillation Index
IBM Patent Server

Dkgreyx.gif (1033 bytes)   Still not finding for what you are searching?   Don't have a cow, man!  Get bent and use a search engine.

  Alert...     MIA's...    Missing Pages...
Jibe Filter... Body Modifications Ezine... Janet's ABC's... 365 museum sites ... Sherman's Village, the isometric jungle where language becomes lively again... Tomate'... S. Louboutin, poems in French and English...

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