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It is proper to say that
Sylvia Plath offered to
us perfect works of art,
in her books
The Colossus (1960),
The Bell Jar (1963),
Ariel (1965), and the
posthumous volumes
published in 1971,
Crossing the Water
and Winter Trees.

Sylvia Plath


Poems from The Colossus

Poems from Ariel

Poem from Mlle.

Poem from The Possibility of Angels

Written in 1959

Written in 1961

The Bell Jar (under the pseudonym Victoria Lucas)

A Play

May 30, 2000 - The Real Sylvia Plath by Kate Moses:  Her newly published, unexpurgated journals reveal the poet's true demons -- and support a little-known theory about what drove her to suicide.

The Complete List of Sylvia Plath Links includes developed sites, poems, articles, research materials, and a mention of the Writer's Box! The Sylvia Plath Discussion Group allows you to correspond with other fans.