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Bob the Cat Meow!  Bob's new little sister... Bertha!



the Cat

Despite his appearance above, Bob really is a wonderful kitty but be forewarned that when he gets wound up, he can be a terror.  He's young, spry, and focused.  Let me show you around...

Here's a recent picture of Bob enjoying a bit of the outdoors.
Bob is an only cat and trying to learn to get along better with other felines.
Bob still needs to learn to mind his manners better, wouldn't you agree?
Still, he finds interest in flying objects.
Here he is (as a young-un), all riled up and getting ready to charge...
And here he is in attack position
Galloping through all the rooms in the house
Going to all sorts of unusual places
He started off innocent enough, here he is at 3 months old:
and, here he is one year later.
He hangs out on the stairs, above and below.

Classic Bob

He doesn't know which way is up
(especially when he's all cozy).
He enjoys stretching out
and running along the couch.
Warn him that curiosity killed the cat
and he's not at all nervous as a cat would be in a room full of rocking chairs.
Until he runs into these bad boys,

Bob is King of the Jungle.


That's Bob.


If you'd like to write to Bob, click Bob@AnneXed.Net

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