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High-Frequency Active Auroral Research Program

New York Times article, December 8, 1915
New York Times article, September 22, 1940
United States Air Force, Record of Decision, High-Frequency Active Auroral Research Program (HAARP), Final Environmental Impact Statement, dated October 18, 1993
Fact sheet issued by the Office of Naval Research and the Phillips Laboratory about HAARP dated November 4, 1993

A Few Notes by Dr. Nick Begich, co-author of "Angels Don't Play This HAARP: Advances in Tesla Technology"

::: From Tesla to Starwars :::

The United States military denies that the HAARP project has anything to do with the Tesla/Eastlund patents mentioned below. However, a careful review of the government documents leading to the contract with Arco's subsidiary (APTI) to build HAARP lead one to the conclusion that once again the military is deliberately attempting to mislead. While it is true that the device being built will not produce the full effects described in the patents, it is a necessary step in proving the effectiveness of the technology in advance of construction of a larger antenna array which is scheduled to begin construction in the summer of 1996 in Alaska. The intention of the military is to complete construction of the larger second system by 1997. The contract for construction of the second phase of the project has been awarded and is awaiting funding.

This initial project does present risks to communications according to the United States Department of Commerce, National Telecommunications and Information Administration, Interdepartment Radio Advisory Committee. Other risks are unclear in the literature related to this project however the risks to human physiology from high frequency electromagnetic radiation is well known. What is really going on with this technology? What will the government do when they put into practice the larger antenna array?

Having read the article in Nexus magazine initially reporting upon HAARP, my next stop was to the Anchorage Municipal Library. I pulled the Eastlund patent records and a cold chill ran through me as I realized that the diagrams I was seeing were reminiscent of patents issued to Nikola Tesla in the late 19th and early 20th century. I next noted the reference sources in the patent itself, two articles from the New York Times. When I reviewed the articles they were about Tesla. The articles referenced in the U.S. patent were extremely interesting in that they were, in part, the basis for the research into this current technology.

::: Tesla Saw it Coming :::

The first article from the New York Times, December 8, 1915, contained:

"Nikola Tesla, the inventor, has filed patent applications on the essential parts of a machine the possibilities of which test a layman's imagination and promise a parallel of Thor's shooting thunderbolts from the sky to punish those who had angered the gods...Suffice it to say that the invention will go through space with a speed of 300 miles a second, a manless ship without propelling engine or wings, sent by electricity to any desired point on the globe on its errand of destruction, if destruction its manipulator wishes to effect."

"It is not a time, said Dr. Tesla yesterday, 'to go into the details of this thing. It is founded upon a principle that means great things in peace; it can be used for great things in war. But I repeat, this is no time to talk of such things.' 'It is perfectly practicable to transmit electrical energy without wires and produce destructive effects at a distance. I have already constructed a wireless transmitter which makes this possible, and have described it in my technical publications, among which I refer to my patent number 1,119,732 recently granted.'

'With a transmitter of this kind we are enabled to project electrical energy in any amount to any distance and apply it for innumerable purposes, both in war and peace. Through the universal adoption of this system, ideal conditions for the maintenance of law and order will be realized, for then the energy necessary to the enforcement of right and justice will be normally productive, yet potential, and in any moment available, for attack and defense. The power transmitted need not be necessarily destructive, for, if distance is made to depend upon it, its withdrawal or supply will bring about the same results as those now accomplished by force of arms."

The next article referenced in the patent also ran in the New York Times, on September 22, 1940 and reads as follows:

"Nikola Tesla, one of the truly great inventors who celebrated his eighty-fourth birthday on July 10, tells the writer that he stands ready to divulge to the United States Government the secret of his 'teleforce,' with which, he said, airplane motors would be melted at a distance of 250 miles, so that an invisible Chinese Wall of Defense would be built around the country...This 'teleforce,' he said, is based on an entirely new principle of physics that 'no one has ever dreamed about,' different from the principle embodied in his inventions relating to the transmission of electrical power from a distance, for which he has received a number of basic patents.'

'This new type of force, Mr. Tesla said, would operate through a beam one one hundred-millionth of a square centimeter in diameter, and could be generated from a special plant that would cost no more than $2,000,000 and would take only about three months to construct. The beam, he states, involves four new inventions, two of which already have been tested. One of these is a method and apparatus for producing rays 'and other manifestations or energy' in free air, eliminating the necessity for a high vacuum; a second is a method and process for producing 'very great electrical force'; the third is a method for amplifying this force, and the fourth is a new method for producing 'a tremendous electrical repelling force.'

"This would be the projector, or gun, of the system. The voltage for propelling the beam to its objective, according to the inventor, will attain a potential of 50,000,000 volts. With this enormous voltage, he said, microscopic electrical particles of matter will be catapulted on their mission of defensive destruction. He has been working on this invention, he added, for many years and has recently made a number of improvements in it."

There was a third reference which was apparently authored by Tesla which could not be obtained. The ideas expressed by Tesla, in these articles, raises more questions about the version of 'law and order' likely to rise from any military organization controlling such technology. In recent days we have seen many of the excesses of the military establishment in testing their 'peace keeping' technologies to the detriment of individuals in the population. If this technology is to be implemented anywhere it should be done so openly and honestly and only when it can be demonstrated as safe and worthwhile for improving the human condition. The idea of unleashing such power into our planet's ionosphere is disturbing at a minimum. Since originally researching this subject for publication in Nexus a good deal of additional information has come forward regarding other potential uses of the HAARP transmitter.

These additional applications are currently being researched by this writer and others to confirm the possible uses and will be the subject of future reporting on the project.

::: Eastlund Brings Tesla into the Modern Age :::

The patent number 4,686,605 issued August 11, 1987 to Bernard J. Eastlund and assigned to APTI, Inc. is one of three related patents by the same inventor; one of which was locked up under a Navy National Security Order for six years in the late 1980s. In the text of the patent a number of issues of concern are raised. These patents revisit and go beyond the technical applications envision by Tesla. The patent is quoted as follows:

"In the past several years, substantial effort has been made to understand and explain the phenomena involved in belts of trapped electrons and ions, and to explore the possible ways to control and use these phenomena for beneficial purposes. For example, in the late 1950's and early 1960's both the United States and the U.S.S.R. detonated a series of nuclear devices of various yields to generate large numbers of charged particles at various altitudes, e.g. 200 kilometers or greater."

"This can cause confusion of or interference with or even complete disruption of guidance systems employed by even the most sophisticated of airplanes and missiles. The ability to employ and transmit over very wide areas of the earth a plurality of electromagnetic waves of varying frequencies and to change same at will in a random manner, provides a unique ability to interfere with all modes of communication, land, sea, and/or air, at the same time. Because of the unique juxtaposition of usable fuel source at the point where desirable field lines intersect the earth's surface, such wide ranging and complete communication interference can be achieved in a reasonably short period of time."

"Thus, this invention provides the ability to put unprecedented amounts of power in the earth's atmosphere at strategic locations and to maintain the power injection level, particularly if random pulsing is employed, in a manner far more precise and better controlled than heretofore accomplished by the prior art, particularly by detonation of nuclear devises of various yields at various altitudes."

"Further, by knowing the frequencies of various electromagnetic beams employed in the practice of this invention it is possible not only to interfere with third party communications but to take advantage of one or more such beams to carry out a communications network even though the rest of the world's communications are disrupted. Put another way, what is used to disrupt another's communications can be employed by one knowledgeable of this invention as a communication network at the same time. In addition, once one's own communication network is established, the far-reaching extent of the effects of this invention could be employed to pick up communication signals of others for intelligence purposes."

"This invention has a phenomenal variety of possible ramifications and potential future developments. As alluded to earlier, missile or aircraft destruction, deflection, or confusion could result, particularly when relativistic particles are employed. Also, large regions of the atmosphere could be lifted to an unexpectedly high altitude so that missiles encounter unexpected and unplanned drag forces with resultant destruction or deflection of same. Weather modification is possible by, for example, altering upper atmosphere wind patterns by constructing one or more plumes of atmospheric particles which will act as a lens or focusing device."

"Also as alluded to earlier, molecular modifications of the atmosphere can take place so that positive environmental effects can be achieved. Besides actually changing the molecular composition of an atmospheric region, a particular molecule or molecules can be chosen for increased presence. For example, ozone, nitrogen, etc., concentrations in the atmosphere could be artificially increased. Similarly, environmental enhancement could be achieved by causing the breakup of various chemical entities such as carbon dioxide, carbon monoxide, nitrous oxides, and the like."

While the H.A.A.R.P. device being constructed is not large enough to cause all of these effects it is of sufficient size to test the ideas of Dr. Eastlund as expressed in parts of the patent. The military denies that they are using any of the Eastlund ideas; however, careful review of the materials lead to the inescapable conclusion that the military is misleading the public again. Moreover, it was reported by Dr. Eastlund in a National Public Radio broadcast in 1988 that the military had tested some of the ideas presented in the patents prior to removing the secrecy orders.

::: Oil, Defense, and the Projection of Power :::

In a press release by the United States Air Force dated November 3, 1993 the military announced that the prime contractor on the HAARP Program was Arco Power Technologies, Incorporated. The press release indicated that the project was designed for auroral and ionospheric research. They indicate, "The first phase of the program is underway to develop and test a low power high frequency (2.8-10.0 MHz) prototype transmitter array."

Arco Power Technologies, Incorporated (APTI) was a subsidiary of Atlantic Richfield Company (ARCO) which owned the Eastlund patent rights at the time the HAARP project was put out to bid. In researching APTI, I utilized the directory America's Corporate Families, which is a Dun & Bradstreet publication (1993, Volume I, page 156). The record indicates that this firm had a President in Los Angeles and a CEO and staff of 25 employees in Washington D.C. with sales of $5,000,000 U.S. a year.

ARCO, the parent company, is the largest employer in Alaska primarily involved in the North Slope where it controls trillions of cubic feet of natural gas and billions of barrels of oil. The natural gas on the North slope has been injected into the earth rather than 'flared' off as in most parts of the world. The gas has been injected in order to maintain oil field production while pumping up to 1.6 million barrels of crude oil a day. No market for this gas currently exists although significant interest in building a $12 billion pipeline remains on the drawing boards. A market for the gas is in the interests of ARCO.

How does a small subsidiary company acquire a military contract for such a project? According to the records, it won the right to build the project through exemptions in the military procurement process. The contract with APTI was over five times the organizations annual sales. It is the assertion of this writer that the only way a virtually unknown company, in the military contracting environment, could get such a contract is if they possessed proprietary information of use in the project, i.e. the Eastlund patents.

::: A Most Versatile and Capable Facility :::

Since the contract was awarded APTI has been sold to E-Systems of Dallas, Texas, U.S.A. This company reports annual sales of $1.7 billion a year, has over 18,000 employees and is one of the biggest military contractors in the United States. In a fact sheet issued by the Office of Naval Research and the Phillips Laboratory about HAARP dated November 4, 1993 the following is indicated:

"The proposed research will be undertaken using high power radio transmitters to probe the overhead ionosphere, combined with a complement of modern scientific diagnostic instruments to investigate the results of the interactions. HAARP will be constructed at auroral latitudes in Alaska. A unique feature of the research facility would be a high power high-frequency radio transmitter with the capability of rapidly steering a narrow beam of energy toward a designated region in the sky. Similar, though less capable, research facilities exist today at many locations throughout the world and are operated routinely for the purpose of scientific investigation of the ionosphere. In the U.S. such systems are located in Arecibo, Puerto Rico, Fairbanks, Alaska. Other installations are at Tromso, Norway; Moscow, Nizhny Novgorod and Apatity, Russia; Kharkov, Ukraine and Dushanbe, Tadzhikistan. None of these existing systems, however, have the combination of frequency capability and beam steering agility required to perform the experiments planned for HAARP."

"Investigations to be conducted at the HAARP facility are expected to provide significant scientific advancements in understanding the ionosphere. The research facility would be used to understand, stimulate and control ionospheric processes that might alter the performance of communication and surveillance systems. This research would enhance present civilian capabilities because it would facilitate the development of techniques to control ionospheric processes..."

"Potential applications of the HAARP research include developing DoD technology for detecting cruise missiles and aircraft and for communicating with submarines. Although HAARP is being managed by the Air Force and Navy, it is purely a scientific research facility which represents no threat to potential adversaries and would therefore have no value as a military target."

"...The beam would be several degrees wide, depending on frequency, and thus would influence a region several miles in diameter in the lower ionosphere, expanding to several tens of miles in the upper ionosphere."

"...The transmissions would be accomplished through the design and construction of a world-class ionospheric research instrument (IRI)...The IRI would consist of an antenna array and associated transmitters...The antenna would occupy a rectangular area roughly 1000 ft. x 2000 ft. and would consist of a 12 x 15 array of antenna masts, each supporting two horizontal crossed dipole antennas, stacked one above the other. The masts would reach a maximum height of 72 ft... As a result of a competitive procurement the Air Force and Navy has awarded a contract to ARCO Power Technologies, Inc. (APTI) for the design and construction of the IRI and associated support facilities."

"...The current schedule anticipates construction at the Gakona site would begin November 1993 and conclude the fall of 1994 with the demonstration prototype. Construction for the full size IRI is anticipated to begin early 1995 and conclude late 1997."

The following was taken from the United States Air Force, Record of Decision, High-Frequency Active Auroral Research Program (HAARP), Final Environmental Impact Statement, dated October 18, 1993:

"The data obtained from the proposed research would be used to analyze basic ionospheric properties and to assess the potential for developing ionospheric enhancement technology for communications and surveillance purposes...The research facility would be used to understand, stimulate and control ionospheric processes that might alter the performance of communications and surveillance systems...Furthermore, and possibly more significant, is the potential for new technology that could be developed from a better understanding of ionospheric processes. A potential DoD application of the research is to provide communications to submerged submarines. These and many other research applications are expected to greatly enhance present DoD technology."

"The Air Force and Navy proposes to build and operate the most versatile and capable ionospheric research facility in the world. The government intends to utilize the unused Over-the-Horizon Backscatter site near Gakona, Alaska for this program...Research requirements stipulated that the selected site must fall in the range of latitudes between 61 and 65 degrees, either north or south. This latitude provides the proper mix of active and inactive auroral states. Siting constraints included that the site must be: on U.S. soil, on DoD land to the maximum extent practical..."

::: "Full, Global Shield" :::

This project is more particularly described in the Joint Services Program Plans and Activities , February 1990, issued by the Navy and Air Force. It becomes clear that the military has no intention of looking at the Northern lights as the aurora is call in Alaska. This project is intended for one purpose, and one purpose only: to learn how to manipulate the ionosphere in a manner exceeding the capabilities of similar facilities operating in the Soviet Union. This facility will be the largest of its type in the world and will be located in a latitude most conducive to the practice of the invention developed by Eastlund.

The bill went to the Senate House Defense Appropriations Conference Committee, which then waived both the Competition in Contracting Act and a 1988 law requesting merit review of defense grants to Universities. The initial project costs are between $25 and $30 million U.S. and it appears that those informing the Alaskan Senator about this project may have not given him clear and complete information. Full funding of the second phase of the project has varied from $90 to $150 million. The result was that the project got a reputation as a 'pork' project and was declared by the press a waste of money. The Senator was mislead by information distorted perhaps by those seeking his help in funding the work. Nonetheless, the project got the money needed to make it a reality.

In the May/June 1994 issue of Micro Wave News, Eastlund describes 'a full, global shield' of accelerated electrons created with RF transmitters. The HAARP project 'obviously looks a lot like a first step towards this', Eastlund said. He noted, however, that the applications he has described would require a significantly more powerful device with a much larger antenna - perhaps 20 square kilometers - than the full scale HAARP IRI.

The impact of RF on human physiology is well known to the Air Force and has been described in publications dating back to 1986. The use of RF in 'non-lethal' weapons systems is become increasingly a part of the military's public disclosures. It is clear to this researcher that the use of electromagnetic systems for high impact, low cost, low intensity military or police actions is the direction our government is heading. The research indicates that HAARP will provide additional information to military planners in terms of delivery systems which, in fact, will facilitate the full implement- ation of new Star Wars technologies. These technologies will raise new questions of ethics in terms of deciding what are appropriate weapon systems for use in our modern world.

Dr. Eastlund, after reviewing the HAARP proposal issued by the military, concluded, " of the HAARP RFP has convinced me that the planned antenna could be considered a first step towards the antenna described in the patents." He stated further, "The beneficial civilian uses of the antenna are as interesting as the military applications. For example, I am working on the use of the antenna for replenishment of ozone in the ozone holes over the Arctic and Antarctic."

Could it be that the systems already operating in the former USSR could in fact be contributing to the ozone depletion in the Southern hemisphere? Could this be one of the 'secret' weapons systems referenced by soviet radicals in recent international media reports?

"Angels Don't Play this HAARP" and related text (c) 1995 by Nicholas J. Begich and Jeane Manning