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Y2K bug discovered December 29, 2001

(Yes, Two Thousand And One!)

Banks: the Keepers of Our money.  We trust them to get our statements right and we breathed a sigh of relief just about 2 years ago when our dough was still in their records on January 1st in the year 2000.  The world had anticipated Y2K problems, and now the term is just an old catch phrase - tucking away the 1990's and the 20th Century into a time capsule of sorts, and Y2K's potential problems have come to pass, or have they?

A United States of America University Credit Union (who shall remain nameless to protect the idiocy) discovered today a Y2K glitch that had not been caught 2 years ago when Y2K awareness was at it's height.  The initial detection was simple:  a customer's ATM card did not work.  Of course, the individual contacted the bank regarding the problem and after many call backs and voice mails, the bank representative and customer actually talked person-to-person.

"Although our ATM cards never expire as long as you have an account with us, it seems this particular card expired on 12/31/1999", a paraphrase of the bank rep. stated, "we will attempt to fix this error and apologize that the root of this problem had not been caught earlier."

For now, the ability to withdraw money was fixed but problems with inquiries and transfers have not, yet anyways.  All in due time... is two years good enough?