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screen saver is available by request.

From the creator on July 15, 1996:

Congratulations to the CHICAGO BULLS on the BEST season ever!!!!

First off, thanks for downloading my screen saver.  I hope you enjoy it as much as I enjoyed writing it.  I wrote this as a learning experience and a tribute  to my favorite B-Ball team.  I would appreciate any comments and problem reports you might have.

To install the screen saver, place the file "Bulls.scr" in your Windows directory. Then set your screen saver to "Chicago Bulls Saver".

Under the configure options, you can turn the sound on and off. This is the only configurable option.

This program is being released free of any/all charges for all the Chicago Bulls fans. All I ask is that you send me an e-mail and tell me what you think. Sending the e-mail constitutes registering this program.  I reserve all rights to the code of this application.

Thanks and enjoy...
Eric Reiner
Saver Homepage: <>

1.0 - Original Release 3.x Release