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Antonio de la Gandara (Paris, 1861-1917) made a remarkable portrait of Verlaine in 1896, above.

Paul Verlaine, a French poet, lived from 1844-1896.  All his poems reprinted here have been  translated into English by the Anne'Xed Network.

Lovesongs Without Words (Romances Sans Paroles) published in 1874.  Poem entitled "Il pleut doucement sur la ville (first line: "Il pleure dans mon coeur...") in French, and "It rains gently upon the city (first line: "There is weeping in my heart...") in English.

The Good Song (La Bonne Chanson)  published in 1870.   Poem entitled "La lune blanche" in French, and "The white moon" in English.

Also for some more wonderful poems in French and English or Tennessee Bob's Famous French Links.